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South Clunes Farm

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Our story

 Starting with 400 acres, 700 ewes, a dog and a stick we have worked the land and the livestock for the last thirty years.

We have grown and we have learned from the land and life in it - and we want to share it with you. 


Farm Produce

  South Clunes Farm has 1200 breeding ewes, 80 cows, 300 acres of hay –all of that while keeping 40% of the farm as wild land.


Our gates are open for you to come and  stay. Have a look at the various special holiday accommodation we have on farm.

    Canny wait to see you!

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Wild Clunes

Forty per cent of our farm is wild: 250 acres where wildlife can flourish, acres that we don’t plough, drain or harvest. This leaves myriad niches and habitats for highland wildlife to thrive naturally.


Honey bees and bumblebees,  pollinate our crops, wild flowers, forests and green gardens, as well as skipper butterflies.


For waders such as sandpiper and snipe, also grey wagtail, reed bunting, frogs and toads, bog cotton, rushes, grasses and damselflies.


For the sika and roe deer. Red squirrel,  buzzards, red kites and barn owls, woodpeckers and cuckoos. For the chanterelles and birds nest orchids.


For the hares, foxes and badgers, also sparrow hawk, willow warbler, long tailed tit and robins.


For the red deer, pine martin, black grouse and curlew, ladybirds, fox moth and spiders.


For the busy beavers, occasional osprey, herons, mallard and teal, brown trout, eels and dragonflies.


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