Hay is our third major enterprise on the farm. It was started by accident and has grown arm and legs ever since . Ground came up for rent that we took, however we didnt have enough sheep to use it. This resulted in a surplus of grass. This extra was ideal to harvest in the large open breezy fields. Armed with a 70 HP Zetor tractor and an international 440 wee baler hay production began in 1994. The bales carry us through the winter and the excess wee bales are popular with the local Horsemarket.  Today we have grown this market, also producing large round bales for sale.


It is our first early cut of grass in the summer months we make into hay. We produce ‘wee square bales’ and big round 4ft bales from this. We make enough bales to keep our stock in good condition over the winter and sell the excess. All hay is for sale and the price depends on the quality of the product. On the 2018 season the price was appreciated because it was too dry and no one made enough hay. On the 2019 season the price was appreciated because it was too wet…you cant win in the hay game!